Student housing investment opportunities discussed in Barcelona

Source: The Class of 2020

Beyond Destination Marketing: Finding The Glocal Balance

Current developments in Spain call for a new ‘glocal’ balance between an ever-growing number of international students, an over-crowded housing market, local civic culture and the impact of heavy tourism in Spanish cities. Universities have been witnessing a steady increase in university participation by both domestic and international students, and not only because of the great quality of life. Together with an obsolete, fragmented housing stock, this has led to a growing student housing shortage in a number of cities across Spain. Meanwhile, cities and universities continue to try and attract ever more international talent to balance out an aging population and boost local economies.

As such, there has been growing interest from student housing providers, municipalities, and higher education institutions on how to best serve and leverage increased interest from these young, talented populations. Spain’s PBSA market witnessed the first major portfolio transactions last year, a remarkable development in a market characterized by under-provision and few professional operators. Developers adapt residences to local dynamics and characteristics by, for example, having high quality meal options and pastoral care included. Among those developing modern, integrated residences in the major cities there is growing focus on international students.

What are the expectations of internationalization in the future and how can the city leverage international students? How can the city balance international students and tourists, while being mindful of the needs of local residents and the livability of the city?

Note: The article was originally published by The Class of 2020 on 3rd July 2018 and is available here:

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