What we do

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BONARD provides off-shelf and on-demand data about student housing.

By nature, we provide:

  • high-standard data

  • secondary data

  • primary data

  • in-field data (street level) - ground interviews


By topic, we provide:

  • global asset class data

  • 65 countries and 130 university cities

  • 5,500 student housing (PBSA) establishments

  • 1 million student housing (PBSA) beds

  • up to 250+ KPIs about each city and establishment

  • student numbers and growth (domestic, domestic mobile, international)

  • universities, colleges, summer schools and other demand generators

  • supply, demand, growth, prices and pipeline metrics

  • existing student housing companies and portfolios

  • customer preferences and local conditions


By character, we provide:

  • Macro Analyses & Benchmarking

  • Due Diligence/Underwriting Report

  • Full City Report

  • Quick City Scan

  • Student Surveys

  • Commercial Speaking

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