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Student Housing Asset Class 2018 Update

Stefan Kolibar, Head of Marketing of BONARD (formerly StudentMarketing), has presented the latest data and market trends in European student housing market.

The highly-awaited industry update has brought recent figures on supply, demand, provision rates, yields, pipeline, student preferences as well as in-depth knowledge about investors, developers and operators actively engaged in European student housing.

Afterwards, Kolibar gave the floor to an industry panel hosted by Richard Betts, PropertyEU:

Thierry Beaudemoulin, Chief Executive Officer - Germany, Covivio

Rainer Nonnengässer, CEO, MPC Micro Living Development GmbH, Germany

Dan Pottorff, Managing Director, LaSalle Investment Management, UK

James Welsh, Inward Investment Executive, Invest Aberdeen, UK

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MIPIM 2018
Student Housing Asset Class 2018 Update

Samuel Vetrak, CEO of BONARD (formerly StudentMarketing), has presented the latest data and market trends in European student housing market.

The highly-awaited industry update has brought recent figures on supply, demand, provision rates, yields, pipeline, student preferences as well as in-depth knowledge about investors, developers and operators actively engaged in European student housing.

Afterwards, Vetrak has joined an industry panel hosted by Richard Betts, PropertyEU:

Rikke Lykke, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Integration, PATRIZIA Nordics A/S, Denmark

Rainer Nonnengässer, CEO, MPC Micro Living Development GmbH, Germany

Mahdi Mokrane, MRICS, Head of European Research & Strategy, LaSalle Investment Management, UK

Horst Lieder, CEO, International Campus AG, Germany

If you are interested in getting more data or intel on European student housing, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

LD Events' Student Housing Conference 2018
The next big opportunity investments
LD Events Presentation_14 May_001.jpg

Samuel Vetrak, CEO of StudentMarketing, has defined the recent trends in the European student housing area highlighting Vienna (Austria), Milan (Italy) and/or Warsaw (Poland) as the cities with the best investment potential.


Samuel has described in more details what students considered the most crucial feature when choosing their destination with London staying on top of their list. The inputs collected by StudentMarketing have confirmed that it is amenities, e.g. study rooms or communal kitchens, which play the key role in the decision-making process.


Backing on up-to-date data about supply/demand dynamics, portfolio, yields, important aspects for the students such as facilities and additional details on student preferences, Samuel provided a clear picture on investment opportunities in this alternative asset class.

Prague Property Forum 2018
Student Housing in CEE
Property Forum Prague_StudentMarketing_M

StudentMarketing represented by Stefan Kolibar, Head of Marketing, has been invited to chair the student housing panel and speak about the CEE student housing asset class backing on data collected about more than 106 portoflios mapped.

He defined Wroclaw (Poland) along with Vienna (Austria) followed by Brno (Czech Republic) as the cities with the highest demand in CEE.


Moving to the expectations observed at this market, he has shared the inputs collected by StudentMarketing, which have confirmed the importance of in-house facilities, e.g. bike storage or library, playing the key role in the decision-making process.

Stefan has also presented some of the active players in the student housing industry in the CEE region, e.g. Griffin Real Estate or Zeitgeist Asset Management to mention a few.

PropertyWeek Student Accommodation 2017
Student housing data trends in continental Europe

The European student housing market has seen an increasing demand from investors, funds and operators, with Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain attracting most of the international investments.


The session will provide a detailed insight into European student housing trends, including top countries, best-performing cities and most popular schemes, taking into account regional variables and any barriers to entry.

The presentation will be followed by panel of industry experts and hosted by Samuel Vetrak, CEO of StudentMarketing.


The panel intro:
With lessening of regulation and more favourable investment conditions, what trends are we seeing in mainland Europe? The session will highlight the European markets that currently present the most attractive opportunities as well as challenges companies face delivering schemes across Europe.

The panel experts:

Bob Crompton

Chief Executive, Threesixty Developments

Christian Scheuerl

COO, MPC Micro Living Development / Staytoo

Roger Hensman

Advisor, W.​P.Carey


Samuel Vetrak

Chief Executive, StudentMarketing

The Class Conference 2017
Intro to the EU market

What are the best locations for student housing investments in Europe?


Samuel Vetrak, CEO of StudentMarketing and a renowned industry strategist presented the latest market trends at The Class Conference 2017 in Lisbon.


In his session, he provided a complete overview and comparison of countries and cities, incl. data on the long-awaited customer preferences as well as supply and demand.

If you are interested in learning more about the presented data or our capacity, do not hesitate and send us an email.

Expo Real / PropertyEU: Student Housing & Micro Living
Where to invest in Student Housing?

Demand from foreign students has led to a boom in student housing in Europe, while micro living has being boosted by demand from young urban professionals.


What are the prospects for the two sectors in the year ahead? As the sectors mature, what are investors looking for?


Foreign students will continue coming to Europe - around a million a year from China alone. Which countries or cities will attract the most?


The UK has led the way in student housing and it remains the largest, most mature and most liquid market, but will Brexit and stricter visa requirements have a negative impact?


Will Germany continue to gain in popularity among foreign students? What about France and the Netherlands? Or Spain which is attracting Spanish-speaking students from Latin America? Which European cities are the most under-supplied?

Urbanisation has underpinned the rise of micro living. Will the rise of ‘Generation Rent’, a flexible labour market and an increasingly mobile young workforce all continue to make the sector an attractive investment opportunity?


With economic growth returning to the Eurozone, which cities will benefit the most? Will rents continue to rise, as supply is not keeping up with demand?


The market is very promising but fragmented in Europe Is it possible to develop a pan-European strategy?

CEE Property Forum - Vienna 2017
Student housing & micro-living opportunities in Austria & CEE

Student housing has become an attractive investment product in Western Europe lately, but there are few signs of such developments in the region so far.

CEE, however, is the number one choice of more and more international students, so the opportunity is present. The regional pioneers of the business and other experts came together to share their ideas and experience.

Gábor Soóki-Tóth MRICS, Head of Research, Otthon Centrum


Conversation participants:
Bálint Botos CFA, Managing Partner, Forestay Group
Stuart Osborn, Director, EMEA Student Housing, JLL
Marcus Roberts, Director, Europe Residential Capital Markets, Savills
Christian Scheuerl, MD, MPC Micro Living Development
Samuel Vetrak, Founder & CEO, StudentMarketing


Should you be interested in learning more about investment opportunities in the CEE region, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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LD Events Student Housing Event 2017
The Class Regional Session: Germany
Europe - Location, Location, Location

Our colleagues Samuel Vetrak and Paulina Kropacova attended LD Event's Student Housing Event on May 24th in London, UK.

Samuel was one of the speakers during the panel Understanding what numbers & stats tell us about the overall picture on student housing in the UK & Europe.

Samuel was talking about top investment locations in Europe based on in-depth international student mobility data and student housing usage per nationality.

He also provided a complex analysis of European hotspots for investments in student housing based on per city stats such as international students, PBSA establishments, PBSA beds, supply / demands dynamics, private supply / international demand. At the end of his presentation, he shared accommodation costs in private PBSA per top European cities.

Samuel Vetrak, CEO of StudentMarketing, a global market research and investment intelligence consultancy, opened the Class Regional Session in Frankfurt, Germany by providing key variables that go in favor of Germany as a study destination comparing the country's targets with more than 40 other competing markets.

He also shared key metrics of German student market with the audience of local, pan-European or global investors in student housing asset class, incl. total student numbers, domestic vs. international mobile students, all mobile students per state, etc.


In the final part, Samuel compared existing mobile students with Studentenwerk's housing supply (number of beds) per state indicating existing supply difference in the market. He also provided a projection on future increase of internationally mobile students per state which i over 76,000 students by 2020.


If you are currently looking for investment data on German or other European cities, please let us know here and we will be happy to arrange an exploratory meeting.

PropertyEU Investment Briefing 2017
The Class Conference 2016

Samuel Vetrak, CEO of StudentMarketing, a global market research, intelligence and strategic development consultancy helping investors, funds, developers or operators in engaging within student housing and micro living asset class, had a keynote presentation at the PropertyEU's Investment Briefing on Student Housing and Micro Living.

After providing an introduction to the student housing asset class, incl. international student mobility per nationality and destinations within UK & Europe, Samuel identified top EU countries for student housing investment and revealed top 25 'Champion Cities' in Europe according to several key factors:

  • number of international students

  • number of PBSA establishments

  • number of PBSA beds

  • supply / demand dynamics

  • private supply / international demand dynamics

  • accommodation costs (studio pmpp)

..as well as other KPIs helping to determine investment

The presentation was followed by the panel discussion where some of the leading UK & European student housing investors and fund managers shared their views on recent development and 2017 projections.

The panel participants:

  • Roelfke Buitink, Bouwfonds

  • Philipp Rohweder, Corestate

  • Rainer Nonnegässer, MPC Capital

  • Daniel Gorzawski, Harrison Street

  • Samuel Vetrak, StudentMarketing


The panel discussion can be watched here.

Europe’s first large scale research into student housing was presented, followed by a discussion on how student accommodation can boost student mobility. What does generation Erasmus need, and how can universities and housing providers up their game?

Brikena Xhomaqi - External Evaluator at Erasmus+ Programme; Director at LLLP; Research programme manager at The Class of 2020


  • Jeremy Apert - Project (HousErasmus) Coordinator - ESN AISBL

  • Uwe Brandenburg - Managing Partner of CHE Consult, Member of the EAIE General Council

  • Vanessa Debiais-Sainton - Head of Sector Erasmus+ Higher Education, European Commission

  • Patrik Pavlacic - Head of Research at Student Marketing

  • Petra Nau - Head of the Housing Unit at Deutsches Studentenwerk

The Class Conference 2015

StudentMarketing CEO Samuel Vetrak was one of the contributors taking part in a panel discussion about Destination Marketing.


Samuel set the scene by presenting the higher education sector in figures as well as commenting on key international student mobility trends and market developments.

Sam focused on what the ambitions of destinations are and what they are doing to increase their international student population.

The Class Conference 2013

Over 250 participants from around the globe gathered in Amsterdam on November 13 to discuss about the future of student housing in Europe. The main question was – how to deliver what students want & need.

One of the invited presenters, StudentMarketing's CEO Samuel Vetrak, provided an overview with estimated value of student housing and hostel markets, and outlined that there is growing potential of international students by 2020 which is crucial for student housing and hostel providers as well. More data and figures available in the presentation.